Our creative toolbox helps us co-design and co-develop programs, activities, plans and products which reflect your aspirations and community needs.

We’ve borrowed most of them from other organisations, and you can too!

Here are some of our favourites.

Human-centred design: We love IDEO’s design kit, and it’s application across multiple programs and sectors. We are also a fan our Engineers Without Borders Australia who incorporate design principles into their everyday work.

Strengths-based tools: Looking at the strengths within a community or organisation is an important way to identify where to start working. Asset-mapping is a great way to work out what is important to people and place.

Healthy Country Planning: We are qualified Healthy Country planners and adapt principles from the open standards network into our work.

Social Impact Assessment:  There are many ways of implementing social impact assessment.  We love the way organisations like Ideo.org and +Acumen view the impact of their work and share it with the world.  We use these principles in our work to ensure our impact is positive and valuable for the people we work for.